With over 1 billion active users on the app, Instagram is one of the widely-used applications in the world. Even though it is behind Facebook in the number of users, the images on Instagram get approximately 23% more engagement than Facebook, according to Forbes.

With as much as 41% of their users being below the age of 24, and an award for being the preferred social networking app for teenagers, Instagram only continues to grow while having a massive impact on users. 

 Over the years, we have seen businesses, influencers, celebrities, and other people of impact use the platform to spread positivity, inclusivity, and co-existence.

This blog enlists a few positive impacts the photo-sharing app has over its users. 

Self-Expression At Its Best

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app. Ask how important Instagram is from a teen or someone in their early 20s, promoting their business or skill, and they will tell you just how much the app helps them. 

The app hosts various artists, creators, writers, poets, cooks, etc. who promote their skill on the platform daily. You will find a host of businesses and entrepreneurs as well, who gives a glimpse of their craft in various behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram stories or share useful content regarding their skill on their feeds.

Therefore, this app has given a great platform for people to promote their businesses and skills through visual means. Moreover, people can add captions to their pictures and stories to add a touch of personalization to it.


 Instagram allows people to share other people’s posts on their stories. When a creator or influencer posts good content worth sharing, other people can share it on their stories. Now, more people can view the creator’s content and engage with it. This allows creating a community of like-minded individuals where they exchange views and ideas. 

Instagram has allowed people to build communities of writers, artists, cooks, poets, yogis, photographers, and much more who engage with people of their genre as well as people who are interested in their craft.

Catch Up With Friends And Family

As a social media app, Instagram connects people from all over the world. Even though the human need for connectivity and touch may not be fulfilled through social media. During the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, social media has played a crucial role in connecting people.

The role of Instagram and other social media can’t be denied as it has been one of the ways people have been able to connect with their families and friends. It has been a means of reducing loneliness, anxiety, and fear in these times of uncertainty and suffering. 

Body-Positivity Through Instagram

According to Psychology Today, Instagram has become a way for people to ‘reclaim’ photography as a means of empowerment.

Be it Hollywood, beauty brands, or model shoots, and there have been specific criteria of beauty that has been stringent and unforgiving to those who have not fit in its rules. This has caused a wave of anxiety, body shaming, eating disorders, harming, and even suicides to surface.

But, no more.

Instagram has allowed people to share their photos—the no-makeup, curves-flaunting, selfies—and promote body positivity. Over the years, we have seen a lot of celebrities posting makeup-free selfies, showing their freckles or blemishes as a means to allow other people to know that flaws are beautiful and should be flaunted, not hidden.

The app has been able to promote self-love and inclusivity in society. It has allowed people to break free from the chains of the so-called standards of beauty and given people the strength to accept themselves and love themselves as they are. 

Rise Of Activists

Since teenagers and people in their twenties widely prefer Instagram, it is an ideal app for influencing the younger generations. Crucial matters regarding the rights and safety of the young, such as bullying, body-shaming, sexual harassment, etc. as well as of the betterment of the environment, such as using eco-friendly and clean products, reducing waste, etc. are discussed and shared on the app. This helps in educating the younger generation of important matters as well as gives them a guideline regarding what is right and what is wrong.


Instagram, the widely popular photo-sharing app among the younger generation, has been a means of promoting many positive things in society. A few of these things are: allowing people to express themselves, share their skill and craft, create communities of like-minded individuals, connect with family and friends, promote body-positivity, and discussing important matters.