Being one of the most used social media services worldwide today, TikTok is like a gold mine when it comes to marketing your business or content to a wide audience. One way of gaining more followers on TikTok is to purchase them from one of many follower services.

Continue reading for my breakdown of the 5 best websites to buy TikTok followers.

– Dan – 4.97 / 5

Distrify provides multiple services including TikTok followers, likes, views and can even get your profile verified. Could Distrify be the best TikTok growth service?

  • Delivery SpeedDistrify has good delivery speeds on offer when you purchase their services. Some products will be delivered within 1-5 minutes of you placing your order and others will be delivered in a fast and reasonable time frame. However, the delivery time can’t be completely specific due to the nature of the product.
  • Quality of Followers: A great aspect of Distrify is that the followers being provided are all genuine and won’t see your profile being banned by TikTok. An ‘Active Followers’ service is available which promises a certain number of fans who will like and comment on your posts once they’ve followed your account. In fact, you can even decide for yourself what gets commented. Distrify gives the customer complete control over their experience.
  • Support: High levels of support are provided by Distrify with a comprehensive FAQ page, email support and the all important live chat service. Support agents are available 24/7, reassuring customers that Distrify has your back should any issues arise with the service.

The Distrify website is well designed and easy to understand. Prices are competitive and the customer is able to control their entire experience. All in all, 4.97 stars are well deserved here. – 1 / 5

The Royal Key certainly attempts to market itself as being a high end service that delivers followers TikTok won’t find suspicious. But do the claims stack up?

  • Delivery Speed: The Royal Key can be pretty inconsistent and struggles to provide a specific time frame for delivering what a customer has ordered. The service’s website claims orders will be fulfilled within 24 hours, usually taking around 3-6. However, other areas of the website also claim some orders will be almost instantaneously delivered.
  • Quality of Followers: The Royal Key promises to only deliver real, high-quality, followers but this isn’t what you’ll always be given. Profiles will often be set up by the company and often be deleted by TikTok, resulting in your followers dropping off after purchase.
  • Support: The Royal Key has a pretty low level of support available, only providing a ‘contact us’ form with responses taking up to 24 hours. It’s becoming increasingly common place for services to provide the option of chatting live to a customer service agent. Having to wait lengthy periods for issues to be resolved with the need to send emails back and forth feels almost prehistoric in this day and age.

The ability to select the kind of followers you require (male or female and even location for instance) is certainly positive, but this isn’t what you’ll always be delivered. The Royal Key only earns 1 star from us. – 4.5 / 5

Stormlikes promises clients high-quality followers at low prices, delivered almost instantly. As you’d prefer, your password isn’t required and chat support is high. Is Stormlikes as good as claimed?

  • Delivery Speed: With Stormlikes you’ll struggle to find an issue with the delivery speed being boasted. Promising followers almost instantaneously after your purchase is approved, Stormlikes has a quick turnaround and monitors your account to ensure that the number of followers remains consistent with what you purchased.
  • Quality of Followers: The quality of followers is important on TikTok, as fake accounts can result in profiles being banned after arising suspicion. Stormlikes promises that all followers will be high-quality with accounts following you that behave in a natural and realistic way and won’t unfollow you quickly.
  • Support: Support is important when purchasing any service, TikTok followers being no different. The great thing about Stormlikes is that a high quality FAQ page is provided on the easy to follow website, as well as email support and live chat with agents available 24/7 should you encounter any issues.

Stormlikes is a good service that delivers strongly on what is promised at a competitive price point. Though issues are few and far between, the level of support provided is high. 4.5 stars can confidently be awarded to Stormlikes. – 3 / 5

Buzzoid claims to provide high-quality followers at a low price with instant delivery, but how do their claims compare to reality?

  • Delivery Speed: Buzzoid gets to work instantaneously once your order is processed, promising to deliver your followers instantly and to refill them each day should their system detect a drop. However, the number of followers ordered isn’t always what’s delivered and they have a tendency to drop off quickly.
  • Quality of Followers: Buzzoid claims to only provide genuine and high-quality followers, though this isn’t always what is delivered. Many followers will be from fake profiles that lack profile pictures and posts and will be from locations that don’t benefit the customer.
  • Support: The support provided by Buzzoid is basic at best, only providing a simple email form and offering no live-chat option for customers who encounter issues with their order. Agents don’t always reply and the responses are typically unsatisfactory.

Buzzoid certainly claims to provide the best of TikTok follower services, but the claims on the website don’t stack up to what they actually deliver. In this case, a -3 star rating is all we can award them. – 3 / 5

The polished website suggests a high-quality service is on offer at iDigic, but what’s the truth of the service?

  • Delivery Speed: iDigic will start fulfilling your order pretty quickly, with your follower count going up almost instantly after your payment completes. However, many of these followers will start to disappear within days of your purchase.
  • Quality of Followers: iDigic has numerous options available for the kind of TikTok followers you can purchase. Promising high-quality followers, the iDigic website directly admits that the accounts will have profile photos but no other posts or activity, which can actually raise suspicion for TikTok and result in these accounts being deleted quickly. There are many complaints on the internet regarding the low-quality followers that iDigic is providing.
  • Support: The support being provided by iDigic is limited, with only an email form being given and responses can take several days (should you get a response at all). The support agents are often unhelpful and don’t rectify issues as you’d expect.

Overall, the fancy website may be appealing and the service claims made by iDigic are certainly high – but with poor quality followers being provided that drop off quickly and could put your own account at risk of being banned, the company can only be awarded with -3 stars.